A pathway to a raw and timely creation (and being)

21st Oct 2023

I always felt the urge to explore and express myself in several ways — mainly through words, music, photos and interactions.

Through time, I experienced fluctuation between over-structuring full optional solutions (website, studio and digital cameras) to a more minimal and portable ones (everything that would fit in a small backpack and be easily movable).

Lately, I’m feeling the urge to create more and in more spontaneous ways. I’m in a moment in my life where I want to remove any friction between myself and my expression and do it in the rawest possible way.

That’s why, for example, I set up this new website to be able just to write a text file, upload it, and that’s all. And I can do it from whatever device I have at hand when I feel it.

The same goes for my music. I always had big gears for high-quality productions — mainly my MPC Live 2 and big synths — and now I have moved to something that sounds raw, immediate, and fits in my bag — my beloved OP-1 Field and SP404 mk2 combo.

In photos, after years of high-quality digital captures, I just took a plastic box — the Kodak Ektar H35 — and started shooting with film. I love this new feeling of uncertainty and the delayed gratification that comes with films.

All of that points towards a raw and unpolished way to express and experience my life, most probably as a way to fight against my perfectionism and tendency to play safe. Everything gravitates around catching any input in the moment and creating with the only goal of having fun, expressing myself, deepening the experience, and forgetting about the end result.

I think that it’s also an internal fight against our society, where we tend to show only the polished version of ourselves and propagate the perception that everything is easy and perfect. From social media to what we share with the people around us when they ask us how are we. Sometimes we hide our real self to just fit with the context around us or to cause as little friction as possible.

Reflecting on this while deepening my knowledge in Buddhism showed me how disconnected we are sometimes with ourselves or how much we are chained to the idea we have of ourself that forbid us to just be. We project our beliefs and ego into the reality without experiencing it for what it really is. At the end, the main message is simple: everything’s that exists exist in the present only and everything is somehow interconnected.

I think this is what influenced my attitude towards my creations and the strive for a raw expression of my experience.

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