About Workshop

This is the english translation of the article wrote for the Fattelo!’s blog “Sui workshop.”.

Who has had the opportunity of join a workshop knows that it’s a moment for personal enrichment in so many points of view. First of all because they let us discover an unknown territory or that we know only in part; concerning art, manual skills, an innovative theory or a particular technique, each workshop, even the simplest, leave in us a seed to take home and bring forth.

Another important aspect of the workshops is that they allow you to get in contact with people who probably share with you some interests but in the everyday life you would never meet. There could be an exchange of synergies that nobody knows where they might lead, to a great friendship or to a simple contact exchange.

Personally, once I moved to Berlin, taking part to a workshop helped me to get in touch with the first people in the city and discover the Betahaus Berlin where I had base during the summer and where I held the second date of Fattelo! On Tour Summer Edition 2014.

Why we like to do that?

Those who follow us from the very beginning know that one of our main purposes is to encourage the return to an hands-on attitude, to stimulate the minds and lead people to think, discuss and create, and what better than a workshop?


Over time we made several workshops, mainly in Italy, and the extraordinary thing was to see the expressions of amazement of the people when they closed the last fold of their 01Lamp, as if they never thought they could do it. For us this is priceless energy, which led us and is leading us to continue on our path.

Sharing is the cornerstone of our project, and workshops are just one of the ways we are exploring.

Would you like to organize our workshops? Email us at hello@fattelo.com