2015 yearly report

I had this post on draft since the first week of December but I chose to take time recharging my energy level and look back to the last 365 days with fresh eyes, optimism and positive vibes.

What has been.

2015 was a great year, a new version of my website have seen the light and some of my projects have been featured on One Page Love, One Page Awards and Behance Branding Served.

I also spent my first entire year in Berlin. I’m happy to still be here. Which means I survived the first winter. Other than this, this year meant discovering more the city and its dynamic that brought me to start the first consulting collaborations with Berlin start-ups.

Fattelo! meanwhile has grown and we presented Project 02 : Noctambula prototypes at the 2015 Fuorisalone in Milan. It was important to get first feedback on the new project after a couple of years we spent on developing our idea. It’s always challenging to develop a new project that fits with our vision.

What will be.

Ideas, who can live without?

Personal projects are an important part of my professional life, they keep me fresh and open to experimentation and research about topics I care about: typography, branding and design in general.

In the next year I want to define and bring to life a couple of new projects:

  • Font.Kiwi: a new way to collect and order fonts with the aim to focus more on feelings and way of use in addition to the traditional classification. I planned to publish it in the second half of the year. I want to provide a new tools created for people that work every day with fonts (I assume most of them are designers).
  • SSP (aka super secret project): finally I had the opportunity to run a side project with my good friend Manu. This project will see the pixels of your screens soon so I don’t want to spoil you.

Beside new projects my goal is to keep on my ongoing projects: Typeverywhere and Fettelo!.

Typeverywhere will have to continue posting every day good design projects and who knows if there will be some news during the year. On the other side, Fattelo!‘s new year will be defined the next weekend when we will have the yearly meeting in Palermo.

Work apart, my main yearly goal is to learn German and reach at least level B2. This is an important goal for me because is the best way to join and melt a society even if everybody speak english.

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