On diversity

24th Jul 2019

While taking a piano lesson yesterday I was asking why we repeat always chord of A or G and the answer is because we are manipulated” by pop musica that are made mainly by those keys. And day by day we start to like it, and every new song will reinforce our taste.

And then a completely different song appears on our automated playlist.

And how we react? It sounds weird, let’s skip.

I read that we are afraid of what we don’t know, or it’s unfamiliar to us, or it’s different to us.

Isn’t it the same happens with people sometimes? I meet someone that looks completely different than the people I’ve always been surrounded and a subtle feel of scepticism or fear arise at the bottom of my guts. It looks me time to male this feelings disappearing but sometimes they still arise. It’s because this reaction saved us from wild animals back at the beginning of human kind and now they are almost useless.

Not only A and G chords, as we are used to, not same melody. Only meeting new people, new culture, new way of thinking and looking I fell that I can completely erase this software that is installed on my system from the very beginning.

I will listen to those different song more carefully from now on.

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