My framework for everyday problems

15th Apr 2016

Often people remember me as the one who always wears a smile. They say that I look like Buddha and they ask me how can that be possible.

Smile is fundamental for me, it brings positive vibes to you and to everyone around you, even if they don’t notice it they are influenced by it.

Why you always smile? — is one of the question often people that I spend more than one meeting with ask me.

If the time is generous I spend some words answering this question by explaining my life framework. It’s a simple set of questions I ask myself when I’m facing a problem.

The main question is: are there any solution to this problem?

This is the most important one. I know that is not hard to answer but at the end the possibilities are only two: YES or NO.

You can argue as long as you want, try all the possible paths but at the end of the day these are the only possible answers to this question.

The first I want to analize is NO, because it let you close the framework.

If there are no solutions to the problem we shouldn’t be sad or angry, just keep on smile and go on!

Why you should smile instead of being angry is simple: being angry is only going to make you feel bad and consume your energies without actually solving any problem. Smile, celebrate, and being positive will instead help you to move on with your life and allow you to spread good vibes to the people around you at the same time.

The other answer, YES, brings us to the next question:

If there is one or more solution, do we really want to take action and do something about it?

Knowing that there is a solution and having one are two different things.

There are many factor to take into account that can influence our actions: our current life, ourselves, our mind. Every action have it’s own price.

Are we really ready to take action and solve this problem?

Find an answer to this question requires effort, maybe more than the first question. But at the end the possible answers are the same: YES or NO. And both bring at the same results.

If you don’t want to take action and solve the problem, why should you be sad or angry? Smile, celebrate and go on.

On the other side,

if you are taking action to solve the problem then smile, celebrate and go on.

It can sound a bit weird but I am always open to celebrate each event, bad or good, it is always an event and that deserves to be celebrated.

Smile and have fun!

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